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“HaiKaiLeaks” - recortados dos WIKItelegramas

Enviado pelo pessoal da Vila Vudu

TOTALMENTE IMPERDÍVEIS, os "haikais" recortados dos WIKItelegramas.

Chegamos até aos “HaikuLeaks” por dica de Greg Mitchel (quem manda, afinal, vocês só lerem a Folha de S.Paulo, o Estadão, o Globo e coisa e tal?!

O que interessaria a alguém o que pense o Demétrio Magnolli sobre WikiLeaks?!

Os “haikais” vão sem traduzir, porque seria demasiado trabalho (mas se alguém quiser tentar, mãos à obra).

O pessoal aqui achou melhor, em vez de traduzir, fazer nossos próprios HaikaiLeaks.

Haïkuleaks- Cable is poetry 65 haikus in 1830 cables

1.                               As is typical,
   the Pope stayed above the fray 
and did not comment.
2.                               Whether such tactics
   will have a chilling effect
remains to be seen.
3.                               Rocha and Rands
   did not attend the meeting
with Micheletti.
4.                               "We have made request
   after request," he said, "Why
doesn't the U.S. respond?
5.                               They do not know when
   those attacks might occur or
what form they will take.
6.                               The current tensions
   demonstrate just how little
progress has been made.
7.                               Sol Melia owns
   and operates 24
hotels in Cuba.
8.                               Parts of the country
   are often cut off by snow
and avalanches.
9.                               Instead, he gulped three
   cans of Coca-Cola while
inhaling his food.
10.                            Note: Gilead has not
   yet filed a planned judicial
appeal in Brazil.
11.                            King Hamad flatly
   stated that Bahrain is not
happy with Qatar.
12.                            Trans-Atlantic Ties:
   The Cases of Britain, France
and Germany.
13.                            He added that there
   should be "no blank checks, no checks
at all," for Hamas.
14.                            They are being seen
   as barometers for next
year's nationwide vote.
15.                            The vessels are met
   either on shore or a short
distance off the coast.
16.                            The machines do not
   operate well in non-air
conditioned spaces.
17.                            The forum would be
   shaped with the broader picture
in mind, not just oil.
18.                            They also often
   released hostages shortly
after their capture.
19.                            Post will be open
   today for emergency
services only.
20.                            This does more than just
   ensure that she has something
important to do.
21.                            However, he said
   he was willing to review
the matter again.
22.                            (U) Liberation
   is moderately left-wing
and pro-socialist.
23.                            We will still work toward
   domestic legislation
as well, Froman said.
24.                            Therefore, he added,
   we must prepare carefully,
out of the spotlight.
25.                            The Opel story
   has dominated the news
November 4-5.
26.                            Rocha and Rands
   did not attend the meeting
with Micheletti.
27.                            Also, the changes
   would reduce the penalties
for non-compliance.
28.                            For years, the Embassy’s top goal
   has been to promote progress
in these areas.
29.                            (C) China’s oil demand has
   grown substantially over
the last 30 years.
30.                            Strengthening the US
   Navy presence in the Gulf
sent a good message.
31.                            Macedonia
   continues to progress well
on defense reforms.
32.                            A Cuban woman
   in her thirties confides, “It’s all
about who you know.
33.                            In his pride, he lashed
   out at perceived opponents.
No Comparison?
34.                            (C) Changing tack, Li
   launched into a spirited
defense of free trade.
35.                            Once through this door, there
   was another metal gate
inside the entrance.
36.                            “Where is he putting
   the money?” those Cubans ask.
End Comment. ) ¶16.
37.                            He has written books,
   but most critics understand
that is not his gift.
38.                            We have not noted
   any tendency to shake,
blink or roll his eyes.
39.                            It is not yet clear
   whether these can be addressed
before the deadline.
40.                            To do otherwise,
   he said, risked more violence
and more bloodshed. ¶5.
41.                            They won’t want an untried
   Conservative leadership
in charge,” he told us.
42.                            Sol Melia owns
   and operates 24
hotels in Cuba.
43.                            (C) The wreath-laying
   ceremony proceeded
according to script.
44.                            Canada also
   supports Paris Club efforts
on debt reduction.
45.                            They were fast to point
   out that the decree is not
46.                            Several Agreement
   implementation measures
remain unresolved.
47.                            I believe we do
   our duty as determined
by God.” ¶17.
48.                            But it is doing
   so on its own timetable,
a slow timetable.
49.                            " Persistently low
   domestic investment rates
bear this out (Ref H).
50.                            His son will soon be
   moving to New York to work
for Deloitte Touche. ¶12.
51.                            The draft speech he had
   taken with him to Rome had
been "toughened up" there.
52.                            This message could be
   reinforced from the White House
as appropriate.
53.                            ¶1. (U) This cable
   contains an action request
in para 12. ¶2.
54.                            (S) Saleh did not
   waste time for his usual
quid-pro-quo tactics.
55.                            It remains to be
   seen how Lugovoy’s new role will affect
LDPR’s election prospects.
56.                            Please see paragraphs
   3-4. ¶2. (S) Summary
and Action Request.
57.                            REASON: 1.4 (b), (d) ¶1.
   This is an action request;
see para 13.
58.                            The Baghdad Mission
   Firearms Policy has been
revised and issued.
59.                            -- Foreign attitudes
   on UN-sanctioned arms control
60.                            (S/NF) Throughout the meeting,
   Mubarak was expansive
and in fine humor.
61.                            The three officials
   have informed their capitals
but have no response.
62.                            ¶4. (C) The Sultan
   appeared to follow events
in Iraq closely.
63.                            "People need to see
   the results of decisions,"
the Sultan stated.
64.                            The United States
   and South Korea must apply
patience and pressure.

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